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26 May 2017

Alumnus, UWC Costa Rica 2011-2013

"Giving to UWC is probably one of the best ways to invest in future generations and impact the life of those who have no means to make their life better"

Bachir grew up in the Smara refugee camp in Tindouf. After attending UWC in Costa Rica, he was admitted to Brown University, where he studied engineering. "[I was] born and raised in a refugee camp in the end of the world, in a forgotten and impossible to reach corner of the great African desert. Yet, UWC put the time and the effort to reach that part of the world, and now here I am. I moved from being a mechanic going to school in a deserted area to an engineer at an Ivy League school. I’m the first Western Saharan student to attend an Ivy League school and it's all thanks to UWCCR and those who donate to make such a change possible”.

Bachir volunteers his time as deputy chair of the Saharawi UWC National Committee. “I do this as a sign of appreciation and to pay back what UWCCR has given me. Now, it is my time to give to other people”.

Quotes from interview with UWC International